Open Technica is a software development consultancy based in London. Our expertise in designing, developing and supporting scalable and robust middleware architectures using open source technologies minimises risk and ensures high performance. Open Technica can independently evaluate and support various middleware products including Amazon Web Services, Java Enterprise Edition, Spring Framework, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Laravel Framework, Apache Tomcat, Red Hat & JBoss

We can advise you on middleware architectural approaches and product selections which would best suit to your business requirements. Our consultants can support your middleware infrastructure.

We are advocates of open-source software in which everyone collaborates and the best technology wins. We believe that the open source model builds higher-quality, more secure, more easily integrated software, often at a fast pace and lower cost.

Our vision includes providing the best advice for our customers about the software development process, using innovative products to create industry leading software products.

We independently evaluate and support various technologies, without being comercially influenced by the vendors. We take care for sharing our expertise with the technology community.