Open Technica is a software development consultancy operating in London and Manchester. Our expertise in designing, developing and supporting scalable and robust applications using open source technologies ensures high quality. Open Technica can produce independent solutions to your problems using various technologies including Amazon Web Services, Java, PHP, Relational Databases, Functional Programming, Python and more.

We can advise you on software architectural approaches and technology selections, which would best suit to your business requirements. Our consultants can support your infrastructure.

We think that open-source software provides many advantages to businesses in areas of quality, customizability, security, interoperability, cost and community support.

Our vision includes providing the best advice, support and training to our customers about software development process, using innovative technology and best practices to create industry leading software solutions.

We independently find open-source solutions without being comercially influenced by the vendors. We enjoy sharinging our experience with the open-source community, and we continue learning from the community as well.