System and Middleware Architecture Advice

We can advise you on middleware architectural approaches and product selections which would best suit to your business requirements. We can support and monitor your middleware infrastructure aligned with your priorities.

Design and Development Support

We help provide the framework for effective software development which will integrate with your own development process. Working with your developers team, we help you to refactor your code-base, improve your test automation and quality assurance process, and make your production deployments robust.


Our experienced developers will help you to prevent failures, and be ready for unexpected problems after taking all steps for eliminating failures.

Health and Security Check

Web application health and security check is a process delivered on site, making sure that your web application is secure against security threats on the web.

Project Management

Our certified scrum masters can help you develop your products in small pieces, with each piece building upon its predecessors. Scrum is about being agile, allowing for change, and "failing fast.", making it easier finding and resolving bugs before they go into production. We help supporting business objectives, facilitating team meetings including planning and estimation exercises, and managing developer teams, using the Scrum methodology. Our Scrum master can work with distributed teams and manage inter-project dependencies.